Private and public cloud solutions

Check if a public or private cloud is really for you

We can help you decide which cloud is for you

Not all applications can be deployed in cloud. We can help you asses your case and offer you a solution, there is a lot of options on the market: Amazon VPC Ec2, RackSpace, OpenStack, Proxmox Cloud and more …

Hybrid cloud can be an option too

Sometimes you need to choose something in the middle if you need to host some parts of the application in secure location and  the same time you need to be as close to the end client as possible. Mixing our own DC connected by VPN or over a HTTPS with public cloud can be an option.

Preparing your application for the scale

To be able to scale properly we suggest to use appropriate auto-deployment tools, they may vary depending of the cloud provider and the application. We can help you with the choice.

Automatic deployment and auto-scaling

If you are already in the cloud, make sure you take an advantage of it by using auto-scaling and automatic deployments. Chef, Ansible and Fabric are helping us in achieving our goals.

Managing security and access

The battle tested and secure solutions are the best. In case of Amazon, private and public VPC separation is a must, organising a secure VPN tunnel or secure NAT instance is worth the effort as well. All the communication with the internet uses secure protocols like SSH or HTTPS.

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